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How to Lip Plumping

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Thienna Ho

How To Shorten Your Philtrum Naturally (Part II)


Philtrum- it is the vertical column in the middle area of the upper lip. The ideal philtrum range for females is 11-13 mm and 13-15 mm for males. To find your ideal philtrum height, measure the iris of your eye! Your philtrum should be equal to your iris. In females, a long philtrum is not desirable. A short philtrum signifies youth and beauty. Whereas a long philtrum makes a female’s face less feminine.


AGE 8 12 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
Female (mm) 15.5 16.2 16.2 16.7 17.5 18 19 19.5 20 21
Male (mm) 15.5 17 18 18.5 20 20.5 21 21.2 21.5 21.6
Credit: Zankle A, Eberle L, Molinari L, Schinzel A. Growth charts for nose length, nasal protrusion, philtrum length from birth to 97 years. Am J Med Genet 2003;119:95-8. About the Study: This study involved 2,500 healthy individuals of Central European origin ranging in age from birth to 97 years old. The data above showed the average philtrum height in both females and males.

The table above shows that age affects the philtrum’s height. By the time we reach the age of 90, the philtrum may lengthen by as much as 5 mm for females and 6 mm for males. This is the reason why you can no longer see your teeth!

There are invasive procedures to correct your long philtrum, but they may not be what you wanted. To shorten your philtrum naturally, you can try the following methods. These methods have been tested with great success for many years by THIENNA. It will take time to shorten your philtrum but it is really worth it. You must give it at least a year to see some results and it gets better with time.

When you first try these methods, you will see an immediate result- so it is very encouraging. However, the result quickly reverts back to its natural setting. With daily practice for the past three years, THIENNA was able to shorten her philtrum by 6mm!

METHOD 1: Plump your lips as large as possible using CandyLipz lip plumper. CandyLipz is designed to raise the arches of the Cupid’s bow and shorten the philtrum. You can see the video below from a first-time user. Notice her shorter philtrum.

METHOD 2: (OPTIONAL- Suggested for individuals who have very long philtrums) To SET that look (meaning to freeze that position), you must get yourself a slimming face mask as shown below or you can easily make one for yourself with stretchy fabric. You must wear the slimming face mask as frequently as you can and while you sleep. A way to wear this face mask is to situate the face mask so that it pushes and holds up your upper lip in a higher position. Pucker your lips when you prepare to strap on the slimming face mask! Once the mask is on your face, leave your lips in that position


AN ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGE OF WEARING A SLIMMING FACE MASK: Your face will get back its  youthful V-Shape form as observed in young individuals.


About The Author


Thienna, a Vietnamese boat person, holds 5 degrees including a BA in Economics, a BS in Microbiology, a Master in Genetic Engineering, a Master in Business Administration, and a PhD in Scientific Nutrition. She has 4 Guinness Book Of World Records previously held by men including the most sumo squats in 1 hr (5336), the longest wall sit (12 hrs) & most weight deadlifted in 1 hr (100,000 lbs} & 1 minute (4000 lbs). She won 13 awards for “Unlocking The Mystery Of Skin Color" & "Cooking On The Light Side”. She founded Thienna Inc. & CandyLipz LLC. & holds multiple patents. Her latest invention, CandyLipz, won 10 prestigious technical design awards. She was crowned woman inventor of 2013 in Seoul, Korea. She is the creator of The Sulfur Diet and is considered to be one the world’s leading experts in human skin color and skin health.


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