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How to Lip Plumping

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Thienna Ho

How To Shorten Your Philtrum Naturally (Part 1)

Lips. They shape a third of your face. They define your youth, beauty, health, and even sexuality. The length of the philtrum is defined as the distance under your nose and the lowest point of the mid Cupid’s bow. The ideal philtrum range for females is 11-13 mm and 13-15 mm formales. Some surgeons determine the perfect philtrum length by using the width of your iris.

One of the major indicators which gives away your age is the lengthening of your philtrum. Males have longer philtrum than females by at least 2 mm. For every decade after the age of 18, both male and female upper lips lengthen on average  by 0.5 mm. By the time you reach the age of 60, your philtrum droops on average by 3.5  mm in length for females and 5 mm for males.

There are four surgical procedures to help shorten the philtrum and two procedures may leave permanent scars where the incisions are made. Most people are frightened at the thought that if something goes wrong with the procedure, they will be left with a huge visible scar on the face! If surgical procedures are not your cup of tea, there is a 100% natural method for you to shorten your philtrum instantly. Read on and you will discover various methods available today.


Here are a few surgical procedures you should know about. It is YOUR FACE- one mistake and you are left disfigured for life. Beware, a minor facial change produces a major change in your look. If after a permanent surgical procedure, you do not like the results, you are basically stuck with them. One thing you need to know about these procedures is that the philtrum  will revert to its  normal shape and length in 5 to 7 years. Remember, your philtrum continue to go through its aging process. You will have to redo this procedure eventually.

1. Lip Lift Surgery (Bull’s Horn): This is a technique where the incisions are made under your nose. For some people, the scarring is unacceptable but it may make you look 5 years younger.  The average costs of  a lip lift is $3,000. Possible complications are asymmetry and hypertrophic scarring.





2. Lip Advancement Surgery:  If you have very thin upper lip,  a small strip of skin along the curve of the Cupid’s bow can be removed to shorten the philtrum and it also enhances the definition of the Cupid’s bow. The cost for lip advancement surgery runs around $2,000. Complications with this lip advancement surgery are asymmetry and hypertrophic scarring.


3. The Cupid’s Bow Surgery:  This is a procedure where three v-shaped incisions are made on the inside of the upper lip. The incisions are then stitched together and the flaps are pushed forward to create a more defined Cupid’s Bow and a fuller upper lip.  This procedure will not leave visible scar on your face.  The  average costs for this procedure may run  between $1,000 to $2,000.




4. Lip Lift Suspension: In this procedure, a single suture is used to elevate the upper lip- in other words- a thread is used to tighten and anchor the tissue in place.  This procedure leaves no scar and it is reversible if you are unhappy with the result. In a clinical study of 92 patients, 85% of the people observed shortening of their upper lips. The cost runs around $2,000 to $3,000.


3. Non-Surgical Lip Lift Using Ultrasound: Using this method, the ultrasound energy is used to tighten the skin without surgery or injections- in other words- heat is used to denature your collagen so it shrinks. There is no downtime following the quick procedure and the optimal results are seen within 3-6 months. This procedure produces very minor skin shrinkage for your upper lip and mouth areas. The average cost for the lips can range from $500 to $1,000 and over $4,000 for the entire face. You will need to do frequent touch ups to maintain your look.


4. CandyLipz Lip Plumping Suction Method: This method is 100% natural. It uses a 3,500 years old suction method combined with patent-pending Lip-Shaper technology to naturally shorten the philtrum. The inventor of CandyLipz, Thienna,  was able to naturally shorten her upper lip by 6 mm after she used CandyLipz for 3 years. The improvement may not be drastic on first-time users. However, with daily use of the lip pump, your upper lip appears thicker and your Cupid’s bow raises. The upper lip will appear to have more definition and protrusion as seen in children and teenagers.

Here is an old image of Thienna’s lips before she invented CandyLipz. She had a long philtrum and a drooping Cupid’s bow. The video below will show you her major transformation.


About The Author


Thienna, a Vietnamese boat person, holds 5 degrees including a BA in Economics, a BS in Microbiology, a Master in Genetic Engineering, a Master in Business Administration, and a PhD in Scientific Nutrition. She has 4 Guinness Book Of World Records previously held by men including the most sumo squats in 1 hr (5336), the longest wall sit (12 hrs) & most weight deadlifted in 1 hr (100,000 lbs} & 1 minute (4000 lbs). She won 13 awards for “Unlocking The Mystery Of Skin Color" & "Cooking On The Light Side”. She founded Thienna Inc. & CandyLipz LLC. & holds multiple patents. Her latest invention, CandyLipz, won 10 prestigious technical design awards. She was crowned woman inventor of 2013 in Seoul, Korea. She is the creator of The Sulfur Diet and is considered to be one the world’s leading experts in human skin color and skin health.


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