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Celebrity Owners

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Celebrity Owners


Mario Lopez American TV Host
Emeli Sande Singer/Song Writer
Ally Lee Talent
Frankie V 102.7 KISSFM Host
Dave Styles 102.7 KISSFM Host
Jojo Wright 102.7 KISSFM Host
Peta Murgatroyd You Know You Can Dance Artist/Talent
Asa Soltan Shahs of Sunset Actress
Golnesa GG Shahs of Sunset Actress
Reza Farahan Shahs of Sunset Actor
Michael Shouhed Shahs of Sunset Actor
Russ Weakland Tatent/Artist/Production Assistant
Yasmine Yousaf (Krewella) Artist/Song-Writer/Dancer with Krewella
Abby Stern People Magazine Reporter
Tyler Posey Actor Known for Teen Wolf
Linsay Taylor Actress/Artist
Sisanie Reatgui 102.7 KISSFM Host
V Damante Talent
Ally Maki Japanese American Actress
Colton Haynes Actor known for Transformer and Teen Wolf
Kalyna Astrinos ABC News Traffic Reporter
Adriane Schwartz Star Magazine Reporter
Manny Guevara Hit Song Writer and Producer, KISSFM Manny on the Street
Monika Gosch Writer/Producer
Emma Webb Production Assistant
Cindy Rago Production Assistant
Jessica Smith Production Assistant
Nadia Mohammadpour Makeup Artist
Nazanin Mandi Talent/Artist
Randy Parker Talent/Artist
Chris Shane Talent/Artist
Icona Pop Swidish Duo Artists with breakout hit song "I love it".
Diane Sanchez Talent/Artist
Amns Kim Talent/Artist
Barett Braham Talent/Artist
Bev Benku Talent/Artist
Chris Acosta Talent/Artist
Elise Abdalla Talent/Artist
Franlie Grade Media
Grenda Morales Talent/Artist
Henry Mairiss Talent/Artist
Charles Wilson Talent/Artist
Jane Farris Talent/Artist
Jesse Lorano Talent/Artist
Jordan Blanchfield Talent/Artist
Jose Jera Talent/Artist
Kingesman Talent/Artist
Molly McCune Talent/Artist
Amanda Widoniak Talent/Artist
Natalie Cry Talent/Artist
Shannon Pezzetta Makeup Artist
Steve Rodriguz Talent/Artist
Tara Soud Clear ChannelTeam Support
Steve Ballas Clear ChannelTeam Support
TC Knich Media
Tern Cole Media
Veronica Martinez Makeup Artist
Yasmina Yasmina Makeup Artist
Ashlee Keating Known for TV series Teens Wanna Know, Diary of an Ex-Child Star, 81st Annual Holliwood Chrismas Parade, and Star Search
Barrett Foa Known for NCIS: Los Angeles, Prop 8: The Musical, Entourage, and NCIS
Brett Delbuono Known for Let Me In, Balls of Fury, Miss Behave, and The Cleaner
Chase Masterson Known for her role as sexy casino girl "Leeta" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and "Ivy Lif" on General Hospital, as well as being the featured guest star in the first Emmy Award-winning episode of ER)
Cole Horibe Known for Holehole, Out, and So You Think You Can Dance
Dalhne Blunt Known for Look of the Week, The Thundermans, Amish Grace, The Young and the Restless
Deidre Hall Known for her NBC-TV's number one daytime program, Days of Our Lives
Derek Mears Known for Preditors, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Friday The 13th, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Diane Neil Known for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Dracula II: Ascension, My Fake Fiance, and Dracula III: Legacy
Elizabeth Stanton Known for Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World, The World’s Funniest Moments, The 2009 World Magic Awards, and the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Jeananne Goosen Known for The Vow, Riverworld, Breakfast with Scot, and Unlucky
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Producer of Treachery, Known for The Crow, The Divine, Cool and the Crazy, and Friend ‘Til The End
Jenny Lesser Known for TV Series Hollywood Girls
Jesse Heiman Known for The Nerd Who Kisses Bar Refaeli In Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad
Jessica Sutta Known for Bully, Ocean Ave., From Justin to Kelly, and Single in South Beach
Jillian Clare Known for By God’s Grace, TV Series Suburgatory, Miss Behave, and The Kitchen
Julianna Rose Known for There Will be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Apocalypto
Julio Cesar Chavez Known for The Method
Kate Linder Known for The Young and The Restless, Cotilion, Hysteria, and The Gold and The Beautiful
Katrina Parker Known for her vocal on The Voice
Kiersey Clemons Known for Cloud 9, Austin &Ally, Shake It Up, and Good Luck Charlie
Kim Poirier Known for HypaSpace
Kirk Morrisson's Girlfriend Known for Pro Athlete Workout: Fitness Insider’s Tips, Field of Dream 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner, TV Series Rome is Burning
Laura Bryna Known for TV Series Hannity and CMT Insider
Laura McKenzie Known for TV Series Barmy Aunt Boomerang, Producers of Da Vinci Code Tour, Laura McKenzie’s Traveler, Contact, and American Adventure
Lauren Potter Known for Glee, Teens Wanna Know, Leader of the Pack, and Mr. Blue Sky
Lawrence Davis Publisher and Editor/ Chief of Splash Magazines Los Angeles
Loriella New Known for Grindhouse, To Gillian on her 37th Birthday, The Pit and the Pendulum, and Orgy of Blood
Masiela Lusha Known for George Lopez, Kill Katie Malone, Blood: The Last Vampire, and Time of the Comet
Omar Akram's Wife Omar Akram Is Known for Echoes of Love Grammy Award Winner 2012!
Patricia Rae Known for Maria Full of Grace, Swimfan, Detectment, and P.J.
Richard Portnow Known for The Sopranos, Se7ven, Law Abiding Citizen, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, and Barton Fink
Rick Ochoa Known for Teens Wanna Know, The Club of Unique and Lovely Minds, The Sidelines, and Bloody Marry
RJ Mitte Known for Breaking Bad, House of the Last Things, Stump, and The Devil’s Ink
Robert Ochoa Known for Alex’s Holloween, Mars Needs Moms, Seven Pounds, and Home Game
Roger Zamudio Producer of Find Me Guilty, Even Money, Baja Run, and Guns and Lipstick
Sal Landi Known for The Indian, Bulletproof, Savage Streets, and Cops and Robbersons
Samantha Mumba Known for Legally Blonde, Evolution, Samantha Mumba and Aaron Carter in Concert, and Boy Eats Girls
Savannah Jayde Known for Minor Details, Amazing Love, Big Time Rush, and Striking Range
Stella Maeve Known for The Runaways, Transamerica, Blookyn’s Finest, and Cloned: The Creator Chronicles
Steven Kramer Glickman Known for Big Time Rush, Big Time Movie, The 41 Year-Old Virgin, and 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Thomas Hobson Known for The Fresh Big Band, Free Enterprise, Clubhouse Detectives, and Daydreams
Thomas Kasp Known for I Suck At Girls, TV Series Community, Space Warriors, and Dirty Teacher
Toks Olagndoye Known for The Neighbors, Brown Sugar, Come Back To Me, and Dorito-Hibition
Toni Trucks Known for Ruby Sparks, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Music and Lyrics, and StarStruck
Valery Ortiz Known for South of Nowhere, Date Movie, Diary of A Single Mom, and Pretty Little Liars
Cathy Baron Known for Justified, The Eves, Don’t Knock, and Hollywood Wastland
Husan Minhaj

Known for I survived, State of Georgia, Failosophy, and the Legend of Neil

Tehmina Sunny Known for Mistresses, Argo, Stargo, Elavator, and Children of Men
Savannah Hudson Radio Disney Star
Brandon Hudson Radio Disney Star
Media Media
Media Media
Media Media
Media Media
Wedil David Known for valentine’s day, New Year’s Eve, Club Soda, and Stories USA
Tara Perry Military Husband, The Fresh Big Band, Up All Night, and Suite 7
Mimi Media
Ryan Ochoa Known for the hit Disney XD Show “Pair of Kings”, Nickleodeon favorite “iCarly” as Chuck and appeared on the Disney XD Show
Donis Leonard Known for Series Regular “House of Lies”.
Karen Ostlund Known for as comics/L'Amaro Sapore del Successo (Italy), "Il Futuro e Donna" for Venice Filmfestival, eadrole as Marcella, with Roberto Revello, and TV Show "Ciao Darwin", and Hollywoodtoday.net
Vicki Arkoff Media