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Return Policy


All sales are final due to hygienic reasons. Please read over CandyLipz Terms & Conditions before you buy CandyLipz. Please make sure you get the right lip pump/pumps for your lips. All models are suitable for both male and female age 18 and over.

Our human panel clinical trial report showed that hickey marks are likely to appear on first-time users during the conditioning period of 7 to 10 days.  Thus, before you purchase CandyLipz, please go over our CandyLipz Blog.

For defective product, we offer a replacement within 30-day from our online store (starting from the invoice date). Please contact customercare@candylipz.com for further details.

If an order is refused/returned for delivery for any reason or an order is canceled after it has already been shipped, two shipping fees and a 30% restocking fee will be deducted prior to refunding. Shipment times are not guaranteed and orders canceled or refused will be refunded less all shipping fees and restocking fee.

Defective items that are returned after the 30-day period, soiled, damaged, dirty or smell cannot be accepted for replacement. All orders are considered final after 30 days. If your order is incomplete, you have to notify us at CustomerCare@CandyLipz.com within 3 days after you receive your package. These policies are binding on all orders and cannot be changed verbally by phone or written by e-mail. To avoid any confusion, customer service representatives cannot change these policies. Thank you.

Important Tips:

    1. A good way to check and see if your lip pump is working properly is to swallow some air while your plump. Adding a mouth cushion to your lip plumper can also help improve suction strength. If your lip plumper loses suction like a deflated balloon, you may have a defective lip plumper.
    2. If you have the apple set and you have weak fingers, use the flip method to create better suction. https://candylipz.com/training-videos
    3. A good way to avoid the hickey marks is to do suction on 1 lip at a time. You can learn to work on the upper or lower lip separately by clicking on this link. https://candylipz.com/blog/enhance-upper-lip/
    4. You can lighten the hickey marks in minutes to within 24 hours using a comb (best method). Individual results may vary. You can learn more at http://blog.candylipz.com/get-rid-of-cupping-marks-bruises/
    5. If your lips are resistant to enlargement, keep practicing before bed time and work on one lip at a time. Diet can affect how large your lips can get and how quick they deflate. Avoid all caffeinated related beverages and sodas. They prevent your lips from enlarging. You can read more about this topic at CandyLipz Blog: blog.candylipz.com.