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10-Days Conditioning Period




Give your lips 7 to 10 days to adjust and adapt to the pulling suction of the lip plumper. Here are the guidelines for your first 10 days. Using less time per application  may reduce the appearance of the cupping marks as reported by many CandyLipz users.  

Day 1: Do 4 minutes total with 1 minute duration and 1 minute break in between. 

Day 2 to day 3: Rest.

Day 4 to 6: Apply the product 1 session per day, each session will last for a total of 4 minutes with 2 minute duration and a 2 minute break in between.

Day 7 to 9: Apply the product 1 session per day, each session will last for a total of 6 minutes with 2 minute duration and a 10 minute break in between.

Day 10 and forward: You can plump your lips as often as you like. If your lips are sore, please rest a few days before you start again. Bruising should not occur again. However, all individuals conditioning period are different. If this is the case, give your lips a break until the bruises clear before you start to plump your lips again.

About 5% of users have very sensitive skin; they tend to get a much more intense hickey on the upper lip. The intensity of hickeys is also affected by age, health, diet, and lifestyle. The older you get, the easier you bruise and the more intense the marks will look. Women also bruise more easily then men. If you know you can easily get a hickey, use the lip pump a minute each time and less frequently during your conditioning period to reduce the intensity of the hickey marks. 

Individual results may vary.

STUDIES: The temporary side effects of lip cupping may include redness, skin discoloration, tenderness of the lips, and a blood blister (rare) on the lips,  around and inside the mouth. They may be light pink, bluish purple, or black. According to CandyLipz clinical trial, cupping marks typically clear on average within 4.4 days. Some users have mild to no marks, and others have marks that are more intense. According to CNN recent news,  they cited a study on Cupping by BMC Alt.  Medicine Journal and wrote, “Do not worry about the cupping marks, they go away after 2 to 4 days. The marks do not feel as bad as they look.”

TIPS: The cupping marks may not be bruises! You can rub them off within 24 hours using a comb (best method) or you can massage the marks! To remove them even quicker, apply Arnica creme before combing the marks and/or take organic sulfur (MSM) supplement before and during your conditioning period. If you follow our instructions, you will not have a long conditioning period.

Thank you to @craziel_ for sharing your images and feedback!
Note: Individual results may vary

We suggest using the product for less time in a single application to reduce the cupping mark side effects. In our experience, after an initial conditioning period, the marks are not as likely to return. If marks around the mouth last 2 weeks or longer, stop using the product. Consult professional medical advice when appropriate. Do not use on swollen, bruised, damaged, open wounds, or ulcerated lips and/or mouth.  Do not share your product with anyone for health and hygiene purposes. Do not use if you have lip implants, lip fillers, or are in poor health.


cupping marks are safe