CandyLipz Mini Grape Lip Plumper (Touch-Up Travel Size) CandyLipz Mini Grape Lip Plumper (Touch-Up Travel Size) CandyLipz Mini Grape Lip Plumper (Touch-Up Travel Size) CandyLipz Mini Grape Lip Plumper (Touch-Up Travel Size)

CandyLipz Mini Grape Lip Plumper (Touch-Up Travel Size)



The Candylipz lip plumper is a breakthrough, hand-operated lip enhancement tool that combines ancient Chinese Cupping suction and our exclusive, patented Xtreme lip-shaper system to shape and contour your lips smoothly in minutes.



  • CandyLipz was invented to restore oddly shaped lips and the appearance of aging lips. CandyLipz lip plumper is designed to work on 15 anatomical lip zones. No other products on the market can perform what CandyLipz can do.
  • Candylipz improves the appearance of thinning of the lips, lip asymmetry, lip lines/grooves/pits/smoker's lines, drooping of the Cupid’s bow and corners of the mouth, and/or lengthening of the lip philtrum.
  • Mild plumping results only
  • Travel size touch up plumper (a little larger than a golf ball)
  • Works on both upper and lower lips together or separately
  • Grape Lip Plumper
  • Double-Lobed Style  (Creates a cute dent on the lower lip)
  • Accommodates all lip sizes. (If you have pencil thin lips, do not use the mini lip plumpers. You need to train with the Original Apple lip plumper first. The apple style has a smaller diameter than the travel size lip plumpers.)
  • Do not use if you have any health problems, skin disease or conditions which make you prone to bleeding, bruising, and/or if you have sensitive skin. Why? The Cupping marks or hickey-like marks may linger on longer.
  • Do not use if you have lip implants.
  • Do not use if you have lip injections. Please wait until your body absorbs the fillers before you use CandyLipz.
  • If you have piercings, crowns, braces, and veneers, use at your discretion.


    • Gorgeous hand-dyed gift box
    • A plumper
    • A blocker
    • A FREE jelly cushion
    • The redness/skin discoloration or hickey-like marks are temporary on first-time users for the average of 4.4 days. With continuous use of the lip plumper, the marks do not return. Some users may take longer to clear the cupping marks. Give your lips at least 10 training days for best results.
    • 95 percent of first-time users get the marks during their training period. The other 5 percent do not.  According to CNN news, they cited a study on Cupping by BMC Alt. Medicine Journal and wrote, "Do not worry about the cupping marks, they go away after 2 to 4 days. Individual results may vary.
    • If you have medical problems or sensitive skin, do not use CandyLipz. The cupping marks may linger on longer.

    Tips: Do not over plump on the first day or you will get a giant blue and black circular mark around your mouth. The temporary side effects of lip cupping may include redness, skin discoloration, tenderness of the lips, and a blood blister (rare) on the lips,  around and inside the mouth. They may be light pink, bluish purple, or black. Cupping marks may feel tender and painful to some users. The key is to not use too much suction until your lips are completely trained.

    CandyLipz clinical trial showed that the lips stay plumped for up to 2 hours  after each application. With continuous use of the lip plumper, the lips appear much fuller. According to the clinical trail, participant’s lip volume increased by 36% from their based-line lip size after 60 days of use twice daily for 2 minutes each time. *Individual results may vary.

    • Real Users, Real Results
    • All videos & images are not paid reviews.

    CandyLipz won over 30 awards and holds 30 patents with 30 pending internationally. CandyLipz patents include USA Patent No. US 9,119,758 B2, Patent No. US 4,455,472, Patent No. US 4,467,375, Patent No. US D768,305S, Patent No. US D766,452S, and Patent No. US D739,083S to name a few. 

    All sales are final due to hygienic reasons.Thank you for learning more about CandyLipz before you purchase. Our product is clinically tested and dermatologist approved. It has been in use for nearly 6 years and lip plumping tools have been on the market for over a decade. There are no known cases of lip damage or injury. Our product is designed specifically for lip plumping. We have hundreds of thousands of happy users worldwide. Our product works as described. You can use CandyLipz with confidence. Happycandylipping!

    Trivia: Besides lip, butt, and breast cupping, did you know that cupping is used for the treatment of pain, acne, eczema, facial paralysis, migraines, herpes zoster, gynecological disorders, high blood pressure, anemia, bronchial congestion, cellulite, varicose veins, and gastrointestinal problems. Source: WebMD Medical Reference