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Does CandyLipz work "As Described"?


Are you the EXCLUSIVE manufacturer and distributor of CandyLipz?

USA Retail Locations

Does CandyLipz Ship Internationally?


Your 10 Days Training Protocol

Do I have to follow my 10 days conditioning period step by step?

Why is CandyLipz different than other lip plumpers on the market?

How long does the lip enhancement lasts?

What is the appropriate age for using CandyLipz?

Does lip cupping or lip suctioning hurt?

Will I damage my lips using lip suction tools

How large can I enlarge my lips?

How many times can I use the lip plumper a day

Will it take longer for someone in their 50s to get the results?

I cannot get suction, is something wrong?

Is my lip plumper defective?

My lips are resistant to plumping, What should I do? They won't plump. I just get the blue marks. Is my plumper defective?

CandyLipz Temporary Side Effect

Who Should Not Use CandyLipz

How important in nightly application?

Does drinking water help the lips stay plump longer?

Can some drugs and foods prevent my lips from enlarging?

Is it normal to get a blood blister?

If I change lip plumper, will I need to go through a new conditioning period.

Do you have training videos lip plumping?

Where can I find your clinical trial?

What do I need to eat too help produce collagen for my body?

Why do my lips only plump for 15 minutes!

If I have a mustache, can I use the lip plumper?

It is painful for me. Did I do something wrong?

I am pregnant, can I use CandyLipz?

Who should not use CandyLipz?

I think my plumper is leaking air. I cannot get a good suction.

How do I know if I have a defective plumper?

I got a few red dots on the mouth and lips, is it normal?

How come my lips are not enlarge today?

Why is it painful for me when I plump?

If I have lip injections, can I use CandyLipz?

I get black and blue bruises, are they damaging to my lips?

Why do my lips plump unevenly? Can you get me some tips?

Why my lips won't plump

Are the results permanent? Do the lips grow larger after daily use?

Do I wait 3 days and then continue even if the marks have not cleared?

If my lips are still purple and blue, should I continue to plump?

How come my upper lip does not want to plump?

Why do I make noise when I plump? Is my plumper defective?

Why am I charge a restocking fee?

If the Candylipz does not work for me after 60 days, is there a money back guarantee?

I am just interested in knowing how many times a day I can use your product a day?

I have blue lips for a few days, how do I get rid of it?

My upper lip won't plump! I am so upset at your product!!!!

I have a wide mouth and I like to make them appear narrower, can I use the apple style?

How come one of my lips won't plump? Can you help me?

I have mold in my plumper. What should I do?

It looks like my lips shrink or get smaller after my lip deflates. Is that possible?

Your plumpers are very powerful. Is there a way to control the suction strength?

How to shorten your 10-days conditioning period

I cannot make the plumper stay on my lips! Please help!

Does CandyLipz work like a shot glass, cap, or bottle?

I notice that one side of my bottom lip gets plumper than the other side. Is there any way I can correct this?

How come the center of my upper lip expands much faster than the side lip lobes?

I have arthritis and cannot squeeze the plumper, can you help?

How do I create a light suction? Try the air swallowing method.

I bought the double-lobed style and did not like it, can you help me?

How to create a better suction

How long does the lip pluming duration last for users?

Can I eat and kiss after I plump during my conditioning period?

I am real nervous about using your product. Will it damage my lips?

How to make the double-lobed style look natural

Do I have to plump everyday for the rest of my life?

I have smoker's lines, will your product help?

Do you have long-term user's results?

I feel like the lip plumper is suctioning my whole mouth, including the area under the nose. Is this normal or the plumper is too big for me?

I have long nails (stiletto nails) and cannot squeeze the plumper. Can I get tips please?

Can Lip Plumping Tools Shift Your Teeth?


CandyLipz Shipping Schedule

The tracking said it is scheduled for delivery today but it is not here. Where is my package?

How do I track my order?

I did not authorize this purchase, what should I do?

My package is lost, what do I do?

How come my order is stuck in Chicago?

I gave you the wrong address, the package is returning to you.

Who do I contact if the shipping address is incorrect after it was already shipped?

USPS Text Tracking

Do you have expedite service?

What carrier do you use to ship?

Where can I locate forwarding agent for my country since you do not ship to my location?

How much does it cost to reship a returned package?

Someone stole my package. What should I do?

Why did it say that my package has been delivered but I did not get did?

Why was my order cancelled?

Do you ship internationally?

If I stop using the product, will my lips revert to their natural state?

What do I do if I did receive my item after the tracking said it was already delivered?

I was left a delivery notice from USPS because I was not home, what should I do?

How does signature confirmation work?

What does if mean if your order is "Unfulfilled"?

Why am I being charged a higher price when I buy from Canada?

Where do you ship your products from and what carrier do you use?

Do you ship to APO address?

If my item is in transit and I realized I got the wrong item, what should I do?


I want to return your product. I did not see your return policy anywhere.

How do I return an item?

How do I return a defective item?

Your product does not work, I like to return it.

I am bruised, I like to return the item.

I like to return this product, I heard it can damage your lips.

Can you create a return label? I like to return it?

What will happen if a package gets returned to CandyLipz for insufficient address or wrong address?

How do I return a product?

If a package is returned to unclaimed, what fees will I be applied?

What is your return policy?


Do you ship 7 days a week?

Who should I contact if I have an issue with my order such as defective plumper, missing item, or if I want to return an item?

How do I cancel an order?

You shipped me the wrong item. What should I do?

Do you ship during the holidays?

Can I use my debit card?

I cannot order from your site, it does not accept my credit card.

How long does it take you to ship?

Why was my order cancel?

I did not authorize a charge.

Why am I being charged twice but the order did not go through.

My package is missing an item, what do I do?

My package is missing a blocker, can you send me one?

My lips are bleeding. Any advice?

The lip plumper is too firm or hard, I cannot press it. HELP!

Is CandyLipz safe in the long run?

I am missing a blocker. I thought it comes with it.

I already use the plumper, can I exchange for another one?

I am trying to use a Visa Gift Card to make a purchase on your site, but your site it declining the order.

Why was my order cancelled? I did not cancelled it.

How do i contact my local USPS office for a redelivery?

If I cancel my order on time, how long will it take for me to get my refund

I ordered the small and love it.  But it is too small for me.  Can I exchange it for the M to Large?

I do not have Paypal, Do you take credit card payment?

What should I do if a notice was left for me by USPS?

I cannot order, it keeps rejecting all my information. Can you help me?


How to wash your lip plumper

What do I do with my old plumper or defective plumper?

How long will my plumper tool last?

What do I do when I first get my plumper?


What are the differences between all the lip plumper models?

How to determine your lip plumper size or which lip plumper should I use?

I used your tips on how to measure my lips, and I'm right on the border. Can I purchase the licoirce set or do I have to get the apple set?

The licorice style lip plumper may be too large for me. I got the wrong size.

I think the apple style is too small for me. I got the wrong size.

Can I go wrong with choosing a plumper?

Can I start with the mini plumper?

I think I got the wrong lip plumper size

I have a thin upper lip, which one do I buy?

I got a size too big, what should I do?

Why does the lip plumper cover the whole area under the nose?

I have small lips, what works best?

How to get the right lip plumper size using your credit card

Does the M-L make the lips larger than the S-M?

Cupping Marks, Bruises, and other Concerns

Can you tell us more about cupping history (cupping marks)?

Cupping marks spotlighted in the Rio Olympic Games 2016

Are there other Cupping Methods People Use for the Face?

What do cupping marks look like?

I like to learn more about the cupping marks, can you share some articles?

How to get rid of your cupping marks (bruises/bruising/hickeys) in 1 day

Will the cupping marks or bruises show up right away or is there a time delay before they show up?

What if I skip plumping for a month and come back to it, will I get the cupping marks?

How do I get rid of the blue and purple lip occurrence?

How come I still get light cupping marks or bruises once on a while? Is this normal?

If I continue to pump over an already existing cupping mark, is it going to make it worse?

Are cupping marks bruises?

Why do I still get cupping marks after 3 weeks?

How do I clear cupping marks fast! Please help me.

Can I still plump if I have the cupping marks or bruises?

I have got the CandyLipz and it doesn't do anything at all but it just leaves a cupping mark on my lips. My lips won't plump!

Are there "Cupping" clinical trials to show that it is safe?

I got blue and black cupping marks. Is this normal?

How long does it take to clear the cupping marks or bruises?

How do I avoid getting the cupping marks?

I get itching lips when I plump, is that normal?

Can I still plump my lips of I still have the cupping marks or bruises?

I get cupping marks inside the mouth, is that normal?

I get white bumps or red dots on the skin, are they normal?

I got a blood blister on the lips, should I wait for the blister to go away before I plump again?

I got a cut using the lip plumper. How can I prevent this from happening?

Why do I get wrinkles around my mouth after I use the plumper?

Cupping Marks vs. Lip Injection Bruises

I am interested in this product, but I get cold sores. Do you know of this would cause a breakout?

I have very sensitive skin, can I use your product?

I develop an allergic reaction to the product. Is that possible? My lips won't go down and it has been 48 hours.

How to avoid getting the cupping marks or bruising completely

How do I get rid of the red marks around my lips, they are not cupping marks or bruises?

Could the cupping marks be permanent?


Why is my mini grape vertical crease not straight or wavy?

I cannot squeeze the mini lip plumper. It is too hard!

I just got the cherry and it is defective.

Why are the minis plumpers the maintenance lip plumpers?

What are maintenance lip plumpers (cherry and grape plumpers)?

Promotions & Reviews

How do I review CandyLipz for free?

Media Requests

How do I collaborate with your company? I like to review CandyLipz

Original Lip Plumpers

How to squeeze the licorice style lip plumper

I cannot squeeze the lip plumper, it is too hard. What should I do?

My model C, the black licorice, is missing the instruction. Where can I find the instruction manual?

Which on makes the lips biggest?


My upper lip plumped faster than my lower lip, so I tried doing it with the lip plug, but I couldn't get suction with just one lip. It either sucked my top lip down into it, or my tongue. What is the proper way to just plump one lip?

How to create an upper lip

How to plump one lip at a time?

What is the air swallowing method to enhance suction or get better suction?

How to compress the apple lip plumpers

How to compress the licorice lip plumpers

How to compress the mini travel lip plumpers

Can I train using 2 different types of lip plumpers during my conditioning period?


Why do I need a blocker?

Are all blockers the same sizes?

My blocker is stuck in the mini plumper, how do I get it out?

My blocker is stuck, how do I get it out?

Jelly Cushion Issues

How do I apply the jelly cushion?

Why do I need to use the jelly cushion?

My jelly cushion looks distorted, can I still use it?

Do I need to use the jelly cushion?

When do I replace my jelly cushion?

How to make the jelly cushion stick to your lips

I have the maintenance cherry plumper and I want to know if the jelly ring will fit the original apple as well?

Are the jelly cushions, one size fits all models?

There is a little nick or a tiny hole on the side of my jelly cushion, does it affect my plumping at all?

I am missing a jelly cushion or a mouth guard, can you send me one?

My jelly cushion looked scorched and completely melted. Can I get a replacement?

Why does my jelly cushion get so stretchy and tore so quickly?

What NOT TO DO when you use lip plumper

Can I use lemon to clear the dark marks on the lips?

Learn the do's and don't

Miscellaneous Lip Cupping Questions

I have a scar on my lips, will lip plumping make the scar look more pronounced?

I have a mole on my lips, will it be a problem when I use CandyLipz?

I have braces, can I use CandyLipz?

Can a person with crowns or veneers use CandyLipz?

I have lip piercing, can I use CandyLipz?

CandyLipz Vs. Juvederm

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Rules