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CandyLipz YouthSkin Supplement


YouthSkin Supplement

Worried about the cupping marks around your lips during the lip plumping conditioning period? Try Dr. Thienna's CandyLipz® USA Patented Method Purest OrganoSulfur oral supplement today. The Organicsulfur compound is from plant source- designed to support super skin health. A USA product.

About organic sulfur: Sulfur is the 3rd most abundant mineral in your body, next to calcium and phosphorus. Sulfur is a beauty mineral. Sulfur is found naturally in raw fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, seafood and grains. While sulfur is found in every human cell, our bodies cannot manufacture it. This means we must rely on outside sources to maintain a healthy sulfur intake. Sulfur is also easily destroyed by heat which makes maintaining enough sulfur in the body a challenge—even if you eat plenty of sulfur-rich foods. Today, sulfur supplementation is a simple and effective way to allocate more sulfur to the skin to promote healing and clearer skin.

Trivia: Sulfur is as important as water and salt are to your body. Sulfur is the primary garbage collector of your body. 8 out of 10 times, the body will use sulfur to neutralize and eliminate all forms of toxins from your body-- food additives, preservatives, pharmaceutical bi-products of drugs and medications, environmental toxins, and free radicals that you generate just from living, breathing, and digesting foods. Researchers learned that low sulfur in the skin leads to the development of splotchy, uneven skin tone. Likewise, high sulfur in the skin supports a more even, blemish-free, and smooth looking complexion.


  • 100% all-natural
  • Supports healing and clearance of bruises and blemishes, brightening of dark acne scars and age spots
  • Formulated without fillers and harsh chemicals
  • USA patented method
  • Designed and created by Dr. Thienna Ho, a 45-times award winning author and inventor.




CandyLipz Lip Pluming System has been CLINICALLY PROVEN TO:

    • Increase lip volume immediately after application
    • Increase water accumulation and retention for 24 hours
    • Increase lip volume by nearly 40% after 60 days of use
    • Increase lip vascularization (blood vessels conformation)
    • Increase lip blood flow
    • Increase lip visibility (lip shape and contour)
    • Decrease of lip lines and wrinkles (increase in tension and smoothing)
    • Resolve the side effect of erythema between 1 to 9 days in 95% of subjects and 100% in 28 days.

How Long Does CandyLipz Last

CandyLipz Lip Pluming System has been CLINICALLY PROVEN TO:

  • Increase water accumulation and retention for 24 hours
  • Increase lip volume by nearly 40% after 60 days of use

Users have reported the lip plumping results may last up to 24 hours after immediate use. With long term use, users reported their lips stay fuller naturally for days and months without plumping. We do not pay for reviews. Check out what users on Instagram share with us by following this link.

Who Should Not Use

  • Do not use if you have any health problems, skin disease or conditions which make you prone to bleeding, bruising, and/or if you have sensitive skin. Why? The Cupping marks or hickey-like marks may linger on longer.
  • Do not use if you have lip implants.
  • Do not use if you have lip injections. Please wait until your body absorbs the fillers before you use CandyLipz.
  • If you have piercings, crowns, braces, and veneers, use at your discretion.


Side Effects

CandyLipz lip plumper system does not cause bruising. It has been validated by our Clinical Trial Class 4 that the temporary side effect of cupping marks are actually erythema- superficial skin reddening. It does not cause bruising, broken blood vessels, vascular hemorrhage or broken red blood cells. 

Whether mild, moderate or severe, these marks were transient and were not seen by Day 28 and through Day 56. In the treated group, the results showed 31% had no marks (1st image); 45% had mild marks (2nd image); 19 % had moderate marks (3rd image); and 5% had intense marks (4th image).

95% of subjects showed cupping marks resolved between Day 1 and Day 9.  By Day 56, lips appeared smooth and plumper.

Tips: Do not over plump on the first day or you will get a giant blue and black circular mark around your mouth. The temporary side effects of lip cupping may include redness, skin discoloration, tenderness of the lips, and a blood blister (rare) on the lips,  around and inside the mouth. They may be light pink, bluish purple, or black. Cupping marks may feel tender and painful to some users. The key is to not use too much suction until your lips are completely trained.


  • Gorgeous hand-dyed gift box
  • A plumper
  • A blocker
  • A FREE jelly cushion

Clinical Trials

You can read our clinical trials here.


  • Real Users, Real Results
  • All videos & images are not paid reviews. Please review their feedback before you buy.

Return Policy

Please read the return policy here.  All sales are final due to hygienic reasons.

Thank you for learning more about CandyLipz before you purchase. Our product is clinically tested and dermatologist approved. It has been in use for nearly 8 years and lip plumping tools have been on the market for over a decade. Our product is designed specifically for lip plumping. We have hundreds of thousands of happy users worldwide.You can use CandyLipz with confidence. Happy candylipping!

Partial Payment Plan

We now offer partial payment plan. You pay 50% upfront and 50% in 4 weeks. We ship your item within 1 to 2 next business days and you should get your plumper in 3 to 5 business days for domestic orders. 

CandyLipz Team

Patents & Awards

CandyLipz won over 40 awards and holds 30+ patents with 30 pending internationally. CandyLipz patents include USA Patent No. US 9,119,758 B2, Patent No. US 4,455,472, Patent No. US 4,467,375, Patent No. US D768,305S, Patent No. US D766,452S, Patent No. US D774655, and Patent No. US D739,083S to name a few. 

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