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CandyLipz Affiliate Rules


About CandyLipz

We are the leading expert in natural lip enhancement. We use Lip Cupping suction technique to enlarge the lips without using chemicals or needles. To give an out of this world twist to our lip plumper, the stunning shaping and contouring of the lips are made possible by a built-in, patented Xtreme Lip-Shaper system. Engineered elements guide the lips to form beautifully and smoothly in each and every lip enhancement session. Users can have fun with CandyLipz anytime and anywhere. See the video here for more explanation of the product:

Clinical Trial

After using the lip plumper for just two minutes twice daily over a period of 60 days, participants in a clinical trial saw their lip volume increase by 36% from their original sizes. After immediate use, their lips stayed plump for up to two hours after each application. Individual results may vary.

Today, CandyLzipz makes it possible for you to have the appearance of fuller lips all year round. Depending on where you live, 1 syringe of filler averages $500. Some individuals need 2 syringes to see noticeable results. Frequent visits to maintain the look can cost $2,000 or more a year! With CandyLipz, it is a one-time purchase for the price of a pair of Jeans starting at $35 and a set can run up to $100. The average sale is $50.

CandyLipz in the News

Internationally acclaimed with over 30 design & beauty awards and 30 USA and international patents. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied users worldwide. CandyLipz is used by elite industry artists/talents for movies, television, advertising, runways, & photo shoots for print. We appeared in major news spanning all continents and were seen on The Doctors, CNN, MTV, ET, Inside Edition, EXTRA, TMZ, TODAY, Access Hollywood, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, PopSugar, Buzzfeed & more. CandyLipz has been in use for over 6 years and lip plumpers have been on the market for over a decade with incredible success. Whether one wants to enlarge the lips or just to improve the appearance of the lip shape and contour, CandyLipz is the natural choice for lip enhancement.

Many of our great affiliates were able to make $4k a month! The commission is 10% of a sale, excluding taxes and shipping fee.

We love you to join CandyLipz. We have an amazing product. We are on IG at:

All images and videos are from users. We do not pay for reviews!


CandyLipz Rules

Affiliates cannot do PPC bid on any advertising search engine using CandyLipz trademarks or specific product  names that we use to market our products.

The following words are not allowed: candylipz, candy lipz, candylips, candy lips, candy lipping, red apple plumper, green apple plumper, blue licorice plumper, black licorice plumper, red apple lip plumper, green apple lip plumper, licorice lip plumper, blue licorice lip plumper,  black licorice lip plumper, Cherry lip plumper, grape lip plumper, double-lobed lips, single-lobed lips, double-lobed lip plumper, single-lobed lip plumper,,  etc...

Affiliates are NOT permitted to use CandyLipz trademarks in the URL to the right of the domain in the display URL. Example: or candylips.

Affiliates MAY NOT bid on CandyLipz coupons or coupon codes.

Affiliates MAY NOT bid on any potential misspellings not shown here.

Affiliates MAY NOT replicate your website in anyway.

Affiliates MAY NOT may not use a landing page that includes advertisements for competitive lip plumping products or offers

Ad copy restrictions

Truth in advertising - All affiliates are required to be truthful about any advertisement representing CandyLipz including information surrounding rebate, coupon, and sales offers.

Exclusions, Penalties, and Notifications

CandyLipz reserves the right to exclude any individual affiliates at our sole discretion.

Affiliates will be terminated immediately if rules are violated. This may be cause for reversal of past commissions earned up to 30 days prior.

If your sales have a 3 percent or more charge backs, you will be automatically get eliminated from the affiliate program.

Thank you for your interest.
Best of luck!

We appreciate your support.

Happy CandyLipping.
CandyLipz Team