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Clinically Proven to Increase Lip Vascular Tissues

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Clinically Proven To Smooth Lines and Wrinkles

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Clinically Proven To Increase Lip Volume By 36% In 60 Days Naturally without Immediate Plumping

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GENUINE LIP PLUMPERS | Invented in San Francisco - California | FAST SHIPPING FROM USA | Clinically Proven To Retain Water in Lips for Up to 24 Hours

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Embrace the world of plush, full lips with CandyLipz – your San Francisco-based destination for the original, patented lip-plumping devices. We champion a natural, affordable solution to lip augmentation, casting aside the need for painful injections or pricey cosmetic procedures. With CandyLipz, plump and gorgeous lips are as simple as a pocket-sized device that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Key differences between traditional lip plumpers and CandyLipz Lip Plumpers exist. Traditional lip plumpers primarily aim to increase lip volume. In contrast, CandyLipz Lip Plumper revolutionizes the field with its patented lip-shaping technology. This pioneering innovation meticulously works on 15 unique lip zones, allowing not just for volume enhancement, but also for sculpting, contouring, and correcting asymmetrical lips, thus establishing a new industry standard.

CandyLipz bag over 40 prestigious design and beauty awards, alongside 30+ patents across the USA and internationally. CandyLipz is the trusted choice of elite industry artists for movie shoots, television ads, runway shows, and print photo shoots, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied users across the globe.

Our lip-enhancing technology's safety and efficacy is proven through 2 human clinical studies!

If you're ready to enjoy the confidence that comes with full, beautifully sculpted lips, order CandyLipz now! Join the ranks of our thrilled customers and discover why CandyLipz stands unrivaled in delivering extraordinary lip enhancement results.

Don't just take our word for it, though. See for yourself the CandyLipz effect in the videos from our satisfied customers below!


Incredible Breakthrough Invention

CandyLipz is a one-of-a-kind lip plumper powered by ancient Chinese Cupping suction technique. It's an ingenious, hand-operated device that enhances lips without chemicals or needles. The built-in Xtreme Lip-Shaper system shapes and contours the lips beautifully and smoothly for a stunning look.


Impressive Multi-Clinical Trial Results

Our system naturally increases lip volume by nearly 40% in 60 days of use, smooths wrinkles and lines, improves lip shape and contour, and increases vascularization (blood vessels formation). It has been clinically proven to enhance oddly shaped lips and the appearance of aging lips.


CandyLipz Rigorously Tested

Our high-quality products are made with extreme care and tested rigorously for three years. Our tool uses a perfect lip-shaping design and precise negative pressure for your lips.


Total Control

CandyLipz works on all 15 anatomical lip zones at the same time, giving you total control to enhance your lips slightly or triple your lip size in minutes. You can work on one lip separately if needed and the tool is designed for hands-free use.


Change Up Your Look

CandyLipz allows you to create two fun and sexy lip styles - the single-lobed style for a cute and youthful pout, and the double-lobed style for a dramatic celebrity-inspired look. You can change up your looks quick and easy in minutes without the hassle and expense of lip injections.


Internationally Acclaimed

CandyLipz has won 30 incredible awards internationally, including the coveted GOOD DESIGN award and the A' Award of excellence. Our Xtreme Lip-Shaper System was exhibited in the Museum of Outstanding Design in Milan, Italy.