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CandyLipz Lip Plumper Clinical Trials

CandyLipz Lip Pluming System has been CLINICALLY PROVEN TO:

  • Increase lip volume immediately after application
  • Increase water accumulation and retention for 24 hours
  • Increase lip volume by nearly 40% after 60 days of use
  • Increase lip vascularization (blood vessels conformation)
  • Increase lip blood flow
  • Increase lip visibility (lip shape and contour)
  • Decrease of lip lines and wrinkles (increase in tension and smoothing
  • Resolve the side effect of erythema between 1 to 9 days in 95% of subjects and 100% in 28 days.

Note: CandyLipz lip plumper system does not cause bruising. It has been validated by our Clinical Trial Class 4 that the temporary side effect of cupping marks are actually erythema- superficial skin reddening. It does not cause bruising, broken blood vessels, vascular hemorrhage or broken red blood cells.

You can download the clinical trials below

CandyLipz Clinical Trial 1

CandyLipz Clinical Trial 2