Jelly-Soft Mouth Cushion

Jelly-Soft Mouth Cushion



Each box comes in with 3 silicone JELLY-SOFT MOUTH CUSHIONS
One-Size-Fit All (for Model A, B, C, D, and mini plumpers)

Note: If you buy 1, it is $4.99. A 3-pack is $12.99. We are out of stock for the one jelly item.

  • Prevent cupping mark discolorations
  • Prevent temporary redness around the mouth
You may need to use the mouth cover to prevent air from entering the lip pump if you are one of the following individuals:
  • If you are an elderly individual with little fat surrounding the area of the lips
  • If you have a very coarse mustache or stubble
  • If you need a tighter squeeze around the lips
  • If you need a stronger grip around the mouth
  • If you need to create stronger suction 

CandyLipz jelly mouth cushion is 100% food-grade silicone. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and ultra-hypoallergenic. Recycle your jelly  cushion when you retire your mouth cushion. 


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