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Blocker Function


The ideal lip proportion is the ratio of 1:1.6 between the upper and lower lips.  If you want your lower lip to be larger, use the Blocker to block suction to the top half part of the lip pump. If you like your upper lip to be fuller, blocker suction to the lower chamber.  If you have very thin upper lip, use model B or  D. These model can enhance the upper lip much better because you  can use the pumps in revert position. When in doubt, buy a set as you will need both pumps (apple set or licorice set).

  • The upper lip tends to enlarge much faster than the lower lip. Check your result after 2 minutes to avoid the overdone appearance of the upper lip.
  • If your lower lip is too thin or not large enough to prevent air leakage, try to press your whole lower lip in as deep as you can to fill the mouthpiece.
  • The blocker has a little stopper at the bottom. Do not push the blocker into the first chamber too hard or it may get stuck in the upper chamber.
  • In the event that it get stuck in the upper chamber, use a tweezer to pull it out.