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CandyLipz Lip Plumping Long-Term Results Testimonial


CandyLipz, a 30-times award winning lip plumper, is proud to feature a 1-year user who tagged us on Instagram. If you do not have an upper lip, don't fret! Our user reported that she now has an upper lip without plumping on a daily basis. Look how gorgeous her lips are. There are no lip injections or lip surgeries involved. With CandyLipz, you can have plumped lips all year round for as little as $30!

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More Feedback from Long Term Users

Best Lip Plumper

Best Lip Plumper

Best Lip Plumper

Best Lip Plumper

JennieH wrote, “I have been plumping for 2  years. I have three kids so I cannot plump during the day. I make my effort to plump my lips before bed time. For the past two years, I plump the average of 5 times a week. I normally apply for a total of 4 minutes. I think the night time application is the most important because my lips stay large through the morning. I love my lips today as they are my best feature. In the after picture, my lips are still big and I have not plumped for 14 hours. I love my Candylipz! “

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@lillipopsmccormack wrote, "... I LOVE it. It's amazing. I use it every day. It's already made a difference to the permanent size of my lips...Before no plumping and now with no plumping. I've only been using it since feb18th xx." Lillipops has been plumping for 9 weeks and the results are as we expected based on the clinical trial. CandyLipz Clinical Study: The clinical trial showed that the lips stay plumped for up to 2 hours after each application. After 60 days of use twice daily for 2 minutes each time, the participant’s lip volume increased by 36% from their original lip sizes. (Individual results may vary.) 


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lip enhancement before and after

Lip Enhancement Before and After

Are you thinking about getting lip fillers? Take a look at this product review by CandyLipz user @Kristin Brianne before you decide to go for the needles!  Kristin wrote, "I have seen such a big difference in my lips using Candy Lipz everyday. I've used mine every day for 4 months Now. And I see huge difference with not only shape but fullness as well. I had actually looked into lip fillers... Then decided to try this product. Now I really have no need!" __


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