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how to enhance your upper lip

Do you have a thin upper lip? CandyLipz can enhance the appearance of your upper lip instantly. You can double or even triple the height of your upper lip.  CandyLipz also enhances and raises the arches of the Cupid's bow to creating pronounce definition and projection of the vertical columns above the upper lip. Here are a few tricks and tips on how to get a beautiful upper lip.

  1. Use Model B or D. 
  2. Use the lip pump in reverse position or use the lip pump in reverse position with a moon-shaped blocker and block the upper chamber of the lip-shaper. (See images below) 
  3. Add more time as needed to get the result you want. Your lips will look more and more natural with each use.
  4. Always do nighttime application before you go to bed.

Trivia: All CandyLipz lip pumps enhance both the upper and lower lips. Model B and D can specifically work more on the upper lip.

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