PREPARATION: Your lips must be clean and free of oil or grease! Remove all makeup on your lips: lipstick, lip-gloss, lip balm, dirt, gunk, etc. Before you use the lip pump, make sure your lips are hydrated, smooth, soft, and pliable. Dry, cracked, or inflamed lips prevent the lip pump from working properly and having the desired effect. If your lips have lesions, sores, bruises, or cuts, they must be treated and healed before using the pump.

STEP 1: Put the lip pump to your lips and test to see if the lip pump mouth opening is aligned to the center of your lips.  If you are using the lip pump with a creaser mouth opening, you need to make sure that the creaser is centered at the midline of your lower lip (See Diagram 1). 


STEP 2: Compress the lip pump,  pucker and wiggle your lips as far into the lip pump as deep as possible and place your upper and lower lips bewteen the middle platform. Learn not to drip saliva into your pump. Do not breathe into the pump or let air enter it. Release the lip pump. Relax your puckered lips while they are being pulled into the lip pump. If the suction is perfect, the lip pump will stick to your lips even when you are not holding the pump. You should be able to use the lip pump hands-free. 


(If your suction is not strong enough and the lip pump falls off your lips, repeat step 2 until you achieve THE PERFECT SUCTION. The major reason why the lip pump falls off is because your lips and the skin surrounding the lips are not pushed deep enough into the mouthpiece and you did not create a good suction. Try Again. Don’t get discouraged. Practice makes better!) 

STEP 3: Once you have created the perfect suction, leave the lip pump in place for 2 minutes. If you lose suction during the session, give your lip pump a few more presses to complete your session.

STEP 4: To remove the lip pump, compress the lip pump with your palms while it is still attached to your lips by suction. Slowly and gently wiggle the pump until it comes off easily. (You can apply lip ointment, moisturizer, lipstick, or lip balm. Your lips will gradually deflate in between one and one-half to two hours. You can repeat your 2-minute lip enlargement treatment throughout the day to keep your lips plump and luscious.) Read the FAQ to find the best time to use your lip pump.


 -      If you prefer to work on just the lower lip alone, add the 1/2 moon-shaped Blocker before you follow the rest of the steps indicated above.

-      To create the correct suction, make sure the inner rim of the mouthpiece grips the area surrounding the lips firmly as shown in diagram below.  
-      It is very important to note that when the jelly-soft mouth cushion is on the mouthpiece, it will be harder for you to locate where the central crease of your lower lip is.
       Practice makes better. Have patience. If you do not need to use the mouth cushion, do not use it.

-      IN A RUSH? Try The 30-Seconds Pumps-To-Plump method! Compress and release the lip pump 20 to 30 times repeatedly while your lips are in the lip pump!


COMMENTS: All individuals squeeze the lip pumps differently. As long as you can get  the perfect suction, you can squeeze the lip pump any which way you like. The apple lip pumps are firmer than the licorice candy pumps. Most users compress the apple pumps using the flip method. However, the licorice candy pumps are softer, users just squeeze the lip pumps as demonstrated below. 

Additional Comments: Here is another way to compress the apple pump. Once you are comfortable using the apple pump, you can squeeze it any which way you like.