Side Effects

STUDIES: The temporary side effects of lip cupping may include redness, skin discoloration, tenderness of the lips, and a blood blister (rare) on the lips or blisters like cold cores (rare),  around and inside the mouth. They may be light pink, bluish purple, or black. According to CandyLipz clinical trial, cupping marks typically clear on average within 4.4 days. Some get mild to no marks, and others have marks that are more intense in colors. According to CNN recent news,  they cited a study on Cupping by BMC Alt. Medicine Journal and wrote, “Do not worry about the cupping marks, they go away after 2 to 4 days.”

TIPS: We suggest using the product for less time in a single application. In our experience, after an initial conditioning period, the marks are not as likely to return with continuous use of the lip plumper. If marks around the mouth last 2 weeks or longer, stop using the product for 4 weeks and get back to it again. Users have reported that when they came back to it, the cupping marks did not return. Do not use on swollen, bruised, damaged, open wounds, or ulcerated lips and/or mouth.  Do not share your product with anyone for health and hygiene purposes. Do not use if you have poor health, medical conditions, sensitive skin, blood disease, lip implants or lip fillers.

Images of Clinical Trial of Lip Cupping Marks

IMPORTANT: If you can not deal with the initial temporary cupping marks, this product is not for you. Individual results may vary.
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