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Why I Cannot Get Suction

  • You must have complete contact with the opening of the plumper— meaning the contact must be air-tight between the lip-shaper mouthpiece and your mouth. If you cannot use the pump hands-free at first, hold it until you learn to use it hands-free.
  • If your lips and mouth muscles are too stiff to make a full airtight contact with the opening of the plumper, try to practice puckering 10 times before using the pump. Pucker your lips as far out as you can. This action works 34 facial muscles. Do lip yoga or lip gymnastic before your attempts.
  • You can apply Vaseline on the lips during training to get a better grip on the lips. 
  • Try swallowing some air to create suction while you plump.
  • If it pops off, try again. Practice makes better.

The Plumper Is Not My Size

  • If the lip plumper is too large, add the jelly cushion to reduce the diameter. By add the jelly cushion, it gives you the diameter of our smallest lip plumper.

Why My Lips Won't Plump

I Have a Defective Plumper

  • If you get a strong suction but it gradually loses suction like a deflating balloon while you plump, there is a good chance your plumper is defective. A good way to check if your lip pump is working properly is to swallow some air while you plump. If with repeated attempts, you still lose suction, your plumper is defective.