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Why CandyLipz Is Different From Other Lip Plumping Devices

CandyLipz- A Tool Designed Specifically for Lip Plumping

CandyLipz is a not a FREE-FORM tool. Its suction device has an embedded Xtreme Lip-Shaping mouthpiece which is designed specifically to enlarge, shape, and contour your lips properly. It produces a smooth plumping effect. To make it easy for you to visualize the CandyLipz design, let’s take a look at designer fruit and vegetables. Did you know that growers can turn fruit and vegetables into any shape they give them using designer moulds? Look at the examples below. You can now have a square apple or a pear Buddha for a snack. Think of how fun it is to eat the slice heart-shape cucumber or tomato salad.  To sum it all up, CandyLipz uses the same concept to mould your lips!



Not all lip plumper devices are created equal. CandyLipz is NOT a cap, a jar, a lid, or a shot glass! It has been engineered to create evenly perfect lips every time! CandyLipz beauty tool uses a 3,500-year-old Chinese 'cupping' method - in other words, suction - coupled with CandyLipz exclusive advanced lip-shaper technology- embedded inside the suction tool- to shape, contour, and enhance the appearance of the lips instantly. CandyLipz unique lip-shaper technology works on 15 anatomical zones of the lips. If you use just a suction device tube or bulb without the lip-shaper technology, the results are not the same. Take a look at the CandyLipz patented design below.

lip enlargement cup

Here is an example of what CandyLipz does. This is a CandyLipz 4-month user. She has an apple set. She changes her lip styles for fun on a daily basis just like changing shirts and shoes!

lip enlargement products

Up until today, scientists have established that surgeons cannot correct the aging of lips. To create or restore the full pouty lip look, both the lips and the area above them need to be enhanced. As you age, the area between the nose and the upper lip lengthens, flattens and becomes less full. The dimple and raised vertical columns of skin above the upper lip - known as the philtrum - protrude less and lose their definition. If you enhance just the lips using lip injection methods or other methods that target the lips alone, you may look like you have stiff "trout" or "blown up" lips. To authentically rejuvenate the lips, the area above the upper lip must also be enhanced - it's this that gives you the pouty look you desire. The CandyLipz breakthrough exclusive technology gives you the appearance of The Pouty Lips You Always Wanted. Naturally.

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